Culinary Cultures

In May 2017 NPN’s 5th Biannual Symposium was run by Sarah Lawson Welsh at York St John University. The Symposium asked some provoking questions:

How we map a consideration of food onto the global connectedness and globalizing processes of colonialism and decolonization?

What happens when food ‘travels’, and how do transnational and/or diasporic writers negotiate their identities through and with food?

How do contemporary writers and/or artists navigate tensions between the localand the global, foodways of the past and of the present and how are concepts of culinary ‘tradition’ and ‘authenticity’ articulated in their works?

How do postcolonial writers on food come to writing and what is their relationship with the audiences which ‘consume’ their works?


Participants worked up a good appetite that was more than satisfied by the delicious Keralan cuisine provided by local chef and food educator, Sharmini Thomas.

You can read the abstracts from the symposium and find out more about the Culinary Cultures project here