The Northern Postcolonial Network was established in 2014 by early career researchers based at the Universities of Manchester, Salford and Sheffield. It was set up with the twin aims of supporting cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange amongst scholars working on postcolonial topics in the north of the UK and of facilitating conversations on postcolonial cultures between academics, students, external organisations, non-academic partners and the wider public.

Following the Postcolonial Environments symposium, which took place at the University of Manchester in January 2014, the organisers and many of the delegates felt that a forum was needed for academics and students across institutions and disciplines in the north to share and debate the critical issues of postcolonial theory.

The network aims to foster collaborative research on postcolonial topics that require creative thinking across disciplinary lines. Open definitions of ‘north’ and ‘postcolonial’ allow us to be inclusive and flexible in our approach, although we are committed to a devolved vision of postcolonial studies as a field whose global interests must be situated in local research contexts (in this case the north of the UK, with each city or region having its own particular postcolonial identity).

We are looking to showcase the innovative work happening at institutions and are working to form the international alliances essential to postcolonial scholarship, which is necessarily transnational in outlook.

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